Adhesive Nipple Pasties – Invisible Breast Stickers


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  • Please wash your hands and chest skin before use, and wait until the skin is dry before use
  • Please do not apply moisturizer and other skin care products on the chest before use to prevent reducing the stickiness of the chest sticker
  • When tearing off it, hold the chest with one hand and tear open the edge of the film until the whole piece is torn off
  • After you need to re-attach the dust-proof film, or re-attach the dust-proof film after cleaning. Note:
  • Do not use for breastfeeding women
  • Do not use for those with extremely sensitive skin

About Products

  • Nipple Pasties Nipple Covers Women Adhesive Breast
  • Invisible Boob Stickers Accessories Disposable Female Sticky Bra
  • Women’s Holiday Gift.
  • Can be carried while traveling for a long time, easy to travel.
  • Can be used in summer with dresses and off-the-shoulder outfits.

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