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Adjustable Tapping Male Multifunctional Strokers


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【Innovative Tapping Male Masturbator for Unparalleled Glans Stimulation】

  • This penis vibrator aims to upgrade the sensation of penis massages by adding stimulation to the glans. With the latest tapping technology, each tapping of this male sex toy can create a deep and augmented effect, offering an unparalleled glans stimulation experience and arousing more sensitiveness on the whole penis at the same time, letting you achieve a quick climax within 120 seconds.

【First-ever Adjustable 0° to 180°Unique Bendable Design for Perfectly Fit on Sensitive Position】

  • With the revolutionary design, the end tail of the device can be adjusted from 0° to 180° and perfectly adapt to the natural shape of your shaft, testicles & perineum. Hold the front of the tapping part to stimulate your glans, gently put the tail on the testicles to add amazing stimulation, or slide down the penis stroker and let the bumps on the end stimulate your perineum during the movement.

【Incredible Multiple Stimulation & Multiple Sexual Plays】

  • With unparalleled pleasure from glans, perineum & testicle massage, this mens vibrator can create more intense sexual pleasure through different plays. Let one side tap the glans and the other side massage the sensitive areas from the shaft root to the perineum. Or turn it around to enjoy the tapping on the shaft root, testicles & perineum, let the bendable tail with bumps massage your urethral opening or the whole shaft.

【Open Flexible Wings Suit for Any Size Penis】

  • This unique vibrator for men is designed with a side opening, which is very suitable for relaxing stimulation. Equipped with 2 flexible wings, this sex toy for men fits any penis size. Open design allows you to customize the tightness of each stroking. The inner textured ribs massage your shaft and drive you to the edge with every stroke. For extra thrills, massage your frenulum(the super-sensitive spot on your penis below the tip) with the ribs.

【3 Motors for Intense 5 Tapping & 5 Vibrations & 10 Vibrations】

  • Compared with other sex toys for men with one motor, this male stimulator is equipped with 3 powerful motors located in the head of the vibrator and the tail of the device respectively. Two provide intense glans or penis massage and the other one for strong vibration on the shaft and testicles. 3 motors offer more intense stimulation, let you experience deeper penetration, and expand the pleasure on the whole male sensitive points.

【Glans + Testicles + Perineum Synchronous Stimulus Increases Your Sexual Stamina】

  • The mens sex toy is the best choice for edging-when you are close to climax, stop or slow down before climax is reached, then build back up to approach climax again. In this way, you can train your penis and eventually have the effects of prolonging ejaculation, strengthening the pleasure of climax and improving your sexual health. The 3 in 1 synchronous stimulus on sensitive points can train you to last longer.

【Whisper Quiet & 100% Waterproof】

  • The working noise of this male masturbators is under 50 dB. Healexcer uses an environmentally friendly lithium battery, which is easy to recharge with a magnetic USB charging cable. This penis stroker is waterproof, so it’s easy to clean. Just put it under running water to do the cleaning, then dry it and put it back into the case.

【USB Rechargeable & Discreet Package】

  • Rechargeable with USB charging cable. A special sealed box has been set out for delivery. All the penis toys are shipped expressly and confidentially without any trace of suspicious tags or words.

Ensuring customer privacy and providing a comfortable shopping experience are our top priorities. To protect customer privacy, products will be shipped discreetly without any potentially embarrassing images or text on the packaging.

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